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Tm-x (Tri-Alloy)
Gold plating
Silver plating
Nickel plating
Our manual which collectors work experrience and being further updated reflecting
daily work. Polished plating is performed by conxentrating the expertise of our company.
We are proud of our technology to outstanding homogeneous quakity gilding which is
impossible in automation.

It has low resistance and the long-term
stability of quality, so it is used as parts of
the apparatus for atomic power with
high quality reliabilty.

According to the specification demand of
parts, it corresponds to high purity,
high quality, thick plating, etc.

The atabilized plating is formed also into
apecial material, such as stainless steel.
Purity (%) Hardness(Hv) Contact resistance ()
99.9 -
99.7 - 99.9

160 - 200

0.65 - 0.75

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