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Tm-x (Tri-Alloy)
Gold plating
Silver plating
Nickel plating
The work trined based on the manual which has been accumulated the "know-how" of
our company completes the products which bring out the characteristic of Nockel plating
in the maximum effeciently.

Plating which can perform secondary
proccessing of bending, narrowing down
by high hardeness is based on the original
"know-how" of our company.

The thin plating (1 -6 ) to the material of
complicated from extends the application
range of functional Nickel plating.

Beautiful plating for big parts, either can be
performed without rack-mark.
Purity (%) Hardness(Hv) Contact resistance ()
99.5 - 99.6
200 - 250
500 - 550
1.3 - 1.5
4.5 - 5.5

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