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Tm-x (Tri-Alloy)
Gold plating
Silver plating
Nickel plating

The original expertise of our company accoumulated over many years performs
homogeous high plating. The feature which backs up more the characteristic
of silver plating, such as high hardness and discoloration-proof nature, is added.


Uniform bright finish is possible from
thin plating to thick plating if needed.

The high hardeness plating which is
excellent in wear resistance is made by
the know-how of our company.
Moreover, it excels in discoration-proof nature
and the stable plating is obtained.

Talking advantage of the outstanding
electorical property, it is widely used as
point-of contact parts.
Purity (%) Hardness(Hv) Contact resistance ()
99 - 99.5 180 - 200 0.2 - 0.3

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